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Machining Overview

J.W.Kane have invested heavily in state of the art machine tools in order to maximise production throughout and to increase our capacity to machine large parts up to 5 metres in length.

Our main focus is on high speed machining of large aluminium parts, maximising the machine’s spindle power with the ability to produce 10 litres of aluminium per minute. These machines are dedicated to machining complex elongated Aerostructures from aluminium.

Along with large components, we can also offer machining capacity in our medium footprint (up to 1 metre square, full five axis) and small footprint (up to 0.6m metre square, full 5 axis).

Production efficiency is another key focus for operations and we employ System Insight’s Vimana software which is linked to all our machine tools to capture the live production uptime/downtime data throughout a shift. We can then analyse these results to measure performance based on real time data.